Life is very short,

So enjoy every moment,

Dont lose your confidence

Go always ahead.


Happy Birthday

Whatever with
the past has gone,
The best is
always yet to come.

For the world,

 i’s just another day,

But for me

today is the

best day of the year!


Happy Birthday my love.


Hoping your birthday

Will be as special

as you are

Having a Wonderful

Mother like you

Is the nicest Gift

I received from God


Happy Birthday Mom!

This is my just

my little way of saying


May be Later

I can show you

How I say “I Love You”

Hope all
Your wishes
Come your way
Happy Birthday!

How do you

 expect me to


your birthday,

when you never

look any older?

Faith/Religious & Sympathy

Someone so


can never

be forgotten

The memory of

a special soul

Stays in our

hearts forever

In loving

memory of

(name go here)

Someday somehow

whatever u prayed

for will COME TRUE...
It may not be in the exact

package u wanted...
But... It will be what

GOD thinks is best

 for YOU...

May God bless you

and keep you and

may His face shine

upon you and be

gracious to you and

give you peace

Holiday Greetings

Romantic & Any Occasion

There are 3 steps

to happy happiness

1 you. 2 me.

3 our hearts

4 eternity!


A day

Doesn’t go

by without me

wishing I was

with you


My heart

Beats only

For you


Loving you is

like breathing...

I just can't stop.


True love is

like ghosts,

which everybody

talks about and

few have seen


Just had to

let you know...

you're the best!

I love you!


I will

love you

until my heart

stops beating.


You are always

in my heart,

here and everywhere,

There is no one in

the whole world

that makes me

feel this way.

It is not being

in love that makes

me happy...

but is being in love

with you that makes

me happy.


I love u

more than

any word

can describe

Love means

Sharing the

games of

life together


I can't

live without

you. I love u

So thank you

my Love for being

there, For supporting

me, my life
I'll do the same

for you, you know,
My Beautiful,

Darling Wife


You will

always and forever

remain in my heart..
I will wait

for you even

if it would mean



Waking up

in the mornings

and watching you

sleep so peacefully...
Trying to see

who's a bigger flirt...

You are my only

one sweetly


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