Looking for a truly unique and personalized gift? You've found it. We'll permanently engrave any photo of your choosing onto a pendant.  

You can also have text added under or above the picture for free.  All pendant come with free chain, gift box, and picture Engrave 

 Product:  P05G
 Dog tag, gold plated, 29x50mm picture and
5 letters front and maximun 150 letters to back


 Product: P65G
Cubic zirconium dog tag, gold plated, 33X50mm picture and 15 letters front and maximum 100 letters to back

Product:  P95G
 Dog tag, gold plated, 29x50mm
 picture or logo front and maximum 150 letter to back

 Product: P40G

Puzzle piece, gold plated, 25x33mm Picture or logo front and maximum 100 letters to back

 Product: P62G
Large dog tag, 38x62mm, gold plated
picture and 20 letters front and maximum 160 letters to back

 Product: P38G
Large heart, 37x34mm, gold
picture and 8 letters front and maximum 170 letters to back

 Product: P-24-G
Small dog tag, 22x36mm, gold plated
picture and 15 letters front and maximum 170 letters to back

Product: P76G
Small cubic dog tag, 25x36mm, gold plated Picture and 10 leters front and maximum 60 letters to back

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