The heart also thinks but not in the same way as the mind.. the heart thinks holistically… holographically.. it thinks in pictures.. symbols.. the beam of light between a man and woman’s gaze.. the heart consciousness operates at a greater magnitude of speed than does the mind.. glance at a painting .. ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’. The mind would need considerably more time to process that amount of information than that which is conveyed to the heart in a trice.

It is because symbols communicate with the heart that they are used to sway human minds… That explains nicely why our rulers make such good use of symbols for example the Union Jack … the flag of Britain raises much patriotic feeling amongst Britons.

The national flag in other nations must do the same. Men march to War behind a flag .. so we may understand it is a very powerful symbol.. Just as the Cross is for Christians.. and the Koran is for Muslims.. So having the knowledge of symbols is to know your own heart.. What sways it, and what does not … its an instinctive thing.. a feeling that either attracts us or repels.. for every symbol tells a story. in the context in which it is used.

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